The Iron Men of PUBG Head to the Global Championships

Team Lazarus PUBG, aka The Iron Men of PUBG, won 2nd place in Phase 3 of the National PUBG League. The team – consisting of Tim Ebarb, “Uncivil”; Kurtis Bond, “PurdyKurty”; Aaron Lommen, “Allow”; Luke Newey, “Luke12”; and coach Owen Monahan, “Gunner”– took home $53,000 USD and secured qualification for the PUBG Global Championships taking place throughout November.

The 2019 National PUBG League (NPL) represents the North American portion of the official competitive season. The season began in January with a total of 16 teams battling for a chance to qualify for the Global Championship.

The initial prize pool for the Global Championship is $2,000,000 USD, with an additional 25% of sales from in game PUBG Global Championship items to be added to the total. The event begins November 8 in Los Angeles with the grand finale taking place in Oakland the weekend of November 23 and 24. Team Lazarus PUBG will be there, ready to compete!