Lazarus Crossfire Invited to CFS 2020

Throughout 2020, Lazarus Crossfire has been showcasing their talents across several major Crossfire events. In the Crossfire Elite League (West Region) they took back to back 2nd place finishes in Season 1 and 2 for 2020. This proved Lazarus to be one of the strongest Crossfire teams of the year so far and showcased a lot of promise to ascend to the highest levels of future events.

Coming off of the strong performance they displayed in CFEL (West), Lazarus Crossfire showed even further improvement when they pulled off a major upset in the Crossfire Stars 2020 Invitational for the EUMENA Region. In a six day clash of the best teams in the region, Lazarus was able to take down every team in their path, ultimately to win the finals 3-2 over the reigning champions of Europe (Golden V). This win would secure them their first championship of the 2020 season, as well as earning them a spot at the Crossfire Stars 2020 Grand Finals.

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This year the Crossfire Stars 2020 Grand Finals will feature the 6 highest ranked teams in the world, going head to head to compete for a prize pool of $820,000!
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We look forward to competing against Black Dragons, Vincit Gaming, SV, Q9, and Golden V, for the title of World Champion, starting December 3rd in Seoul, Korea!

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