Lazarus Crossfire Wins CFSI

Over the last week of June, Lazarus Crossfire took part in the Crossfire Stars EU/MENA Invitational.

The team consisting of; AWSM, Forty, nLs, Vizee, and Loones fought hard, starting off with a 2-1 record in the group stage, securing a #1 seed to lead into the playoff stage.

In the playoffs Lazarus Crossfire took on Exceptional in a Grand Finals clash between the 2 best Crossfire teams in all of Europe.

In the end Lazarus Crossfire was able to win the title of CFSI Champion with a 3-0 win over Exceptional, making Lazarus Crossfire now back to back CFSI champions, taking home $25,000 USD in prize money along with this massive accomplishment!

They now look ahead to Crossfire Elite League 2021, Season 2, to see if they can continue their streak of dominance and ultimately move one step closer to the Crossfire Stars Global Finals at the end of 2021!