Lazarus Esports Signs Sponsorship with SummaForte, the Leading Healthy Performance Brand in Esports

Bloomington, Indiana–(Newsfile Corp. – September 22, 2021) – SummaForte™ the first CBD company bringing healthy performance products into gaming, has awarded Tiidal Gaming Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Lazarus Esports Inc., a sponsorship to launch a health awareness campaign to promote the performance as well as the physical and mental well-being of esports gamers. Lazarus is a professional esports organization ranked #1 in Canada and #15 in North America for esports earnings and has won over $5,100,000 USD in competitive events.

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SummaTape: CBD-infused kinesiology tape for gamers

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During the coming weeks, Lazarus will stand up its “SummaStreamTeam” with current and new faces across multiple games utilizing SummaForte’s products. The campaign aims to demonstrate that in the world of esports, “healthy performance” is achievable. To bring this narrative to life, each week a collaborative video titled “SummaMoment” will be shared on YouTube, Tik-Tok, Twitter and Instagram demonstrating the Lazarus talent performing their content at a high-level, while also elevating their overall health and wellness.

Recent high-profile physical and mental health issues across esports, traditional sports, and the Olympics, are calling attention to the need to balance health and performance. Specifically, in esports, recent retirements of top Asian gamer “Uzi” and Call of Duty all-star “ZooMaa” – both in their early 20’s – were just two of many examples that encouraged SummaForte to start a movement to promote healthy lifestyles in esports.

“Lazarus is proud to be one of the first professional esports organizations to embrace the mission of SummaForte to bring healthy rituals into gaming,” said Charlie Watson, CEO of Tiidal Gaming Group. “Our team appreciates that this sponsorship is focused on improving the health of not only our esports competitors but creators and their amazing communities too. We believe that SummaForte’s products are a healthy option in an industry that is finally discussing how we protect and nurture our minds and bodies. We want to be part of that message, that broadcast, that ideology. We need to be better.”

“Shared values are the cornerstone of any successful partnership,” said, Jeff Thinnes, SummaForte CEO and co-founder. “As the first brand to custom-design health and wellness products for the gaming community, we are thrilled to partner with Lazarus, a first-class organization that recognizes winning and having fun can be achieved while promoting healthy lifestyles. Who wouldn’t want to be part of an organization that cares not only about winning, but also invests in the health and well-being of their teams? Lazarus has fully embraced our message of Superior Performance Powered By Health™.”

SummaForte’s products are tailor-made to address the specific health concerns identified by gamers. For musculoskeletal issues, SummaForte’s custom-designed kinesiology tape, SummaTape™, uses pre-cut slim strips for atop the fingers, and pre-cut standard strips to address pain in wrists, shoulders, necks, backs and elsewhere. The kinesiology tape provides structural support in areas subject to injury from excessive use such as the fingers and wrists, while the CBD and menthol pass through the skin to help prevent inflammation, expedite recovery and provide a sustained, calming energy. The daily drink mix, SummaMix™, packs a trifecta of natural ingredients – CBD, lutein and a nootropic – to promote sustained, calm energy as well as vision and cognitive health.

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