Lazarus @ Fortnite World Cup

The Lazarus Team took New York City by storm on July 27 and 28th weekend at the Fortnite World Cup! 

On Saturday, July 27, duo players 21-year-old, Danish player Dave Jong, “Rojo”, and 15-year-old, English player Jaden Ashman, “Wolfiez”, battled it out against 50 other teams of two. Fighting hard, they clinched a second-place finish and taking the US $2,250,000.00 million prize. Instant millionaires, the duo wanted to place top ten and could hardly believe their top-level finish.  

Next up was the solo event on Sunday, July 28, where the team battled hard against 100 individual players. In a nail-biting finish, it was 18-year-old Nate Kou, “Kreo”, who fought his way to a fourth-place finish, winning US $1,105,000.00 million! Another member of the #MillionairesClub.

 Overall, the team performed exceptionally well at the Fortnite World Cup. Player Jordan Herzog, “Crimz”, age 16, finished 17th in the duos event; Tanner Young, “Legedien”, age 20, finished 89th; and Brandon Faraj, “Hornet”, age 22, finished 93rd in the solo event. Each of them earned US $50,000.00 respectively.   

The team walked away with a combined total of US $3,450,000 million. Way to #bleedpink team!