Lazarus Imperative Race to World First

Starting December 15th, the Lazarus Imperative World of Warcraft raid team will begin their journey into the newest World of Warcraft: Shadowlands raid, Castle Nathria.

With veteran World of Warcraft player Riggnaros leading the guild, Lazarus Imperative are ready to make their mark during the Race to World First for Castle Nathria. After months of preparation the team will kick off the race to clear the 10 boss raid live on Twitch, with full coverage being provided by Lazarus and featuring more than 10 raider perspectives throughout the race.

After a top 10 finish in North America and Top 50 in the world during the last Race to World First raid (Ny’alotha), the guild is looking even stronger in the weeks leading into Castle Nathria. With many new raiders joining for this expansion and raid tier, we cannot wait to see what Lazarus Imperative can achieve when Mythic Castle Nathria opens up on December 15th!

The Lazarus Imperative Race to World First coverage begins at 2 PM EST, Powered by our amazing partners: XP Sports, Raider.IO, and LogitechG!

Be sure to catch all the action here:
Main Coverage Channel: http://Twitch.Tv/Lazarus
Player Coverage: http://Twitch.Tv/team/Lazarus