Lazarus ‘Gamers Outreach Streamathon’ Raises Over $10,000 In 24 HOURS

Over the last 24 hours (starting on May 2nd) Lazarus hosted a 24-hour Streamathon to raise money for Gamers Outreach.

The Gamers Outreach Charity and initiative are integral in bringing joy through gaming to hospitalized children, and since 2007, they have been championing their ability to provide positive experiences through their gaming carts aptly named “Go-Karts”.

Gamers Outreach has been able to use gaming as an outlet to help ease the healing process and turn some of the negativity of undergoing hospitalization, into a more positive experience. Lazarus was thankful for the opportunity to help raise money for Gamers Outreach and supporting this amazing cause.  We can’t wait to see the incredible things these Go-Karts can do to help people transition from their injuries, disabilities and new way of life, as well as assist them with recovery and mental health.

Thanks to the amazing work and effort from our staff, players, and streamers during the 24-hour Streamathon.  We could not have done this without our amazing community as well.  We raised enough for 3 Go-Karts that will be going to SickKids Toronto as well as hospitals in Chicago and Seattle.

Another special shoutout to the call-a-thon our CEO Charlie Watson did on his twitch stream for 9 hours raising a number of donations from investors, friends, family and his relationships over his years in gaming.  What’s more incredible are the stories his network shared live on air about their personal moment spent at SickKids Toronto.  It was a touching and remarkable night that certainly moved us to tears.