Lazarus Signs Facebook Gaming Creators

OCTOBER 8th, 2020 – Lazarus Esports announces the signing of 4 Facebook Gaming creators as its initial group working with the platform. Please welcome OGL, Jarebear, ShadowKal and Prestonality.

We are thrilled to begin establishing ourselves in this space, developing a new community on a platform that is gaining strong momentum and would like to start this journey off by announcing these 4 exciting content creators to our roster of talent.  Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue adding entertainers from the “FBG” platform to our portfolio of creators that already stream on Twitch and YouTube Gaming before 2021.

Lazarus has the majority of its current entertainment portfolio creating streaming content on Twitch, with our stream team consisting of a combined 73 pro players and content creators. Lazarus also has a significant portion of creators that actively upload to YouTube with one of our racing creators “Tidgney” also using the platform as the primary platform for streaming content to his community.

Facebook Gaming has seen tremendous growth YoY as they just announced in a press release that the platform has surpassed 1 billion hours watched in Q3, 2020. Since bringing over a large community following the shutdown of Mixer by Microsoft, it’s safe to say that not many in the gaming world felt confident that Facebook’s streaming platform was going to have the legs to sustain against other giants.  Even though it may not come at a time and place where it can surpass Twitch or YouTube as the  behemoths they are, it’s hard to ignore that they are making strides in the right direction and listening to the community.

FBG has also recently announced that it will allow copyright music to be played in the background while gaming or creating.  This is big news since as many DMCA bans have happened across Twitch over the last year and FBG has just licensed a massive compilation of music for its community of streamers to use on stream in recent weeks. Moreover, the platform has a number of strong creators such as ZLaner and coaxing strong personalities such as ‘King Richard, ‘ZeRo’ and ‘Disguised Toast’ from their rivals.  But, what has the community and prospects frothing is the platform has rolled out full monetization and fan subscription opportunities in Q2 2020 to any creator that meets their base requirements, as well as integration with Instagram, which has drawn influencers from around the world as they look to diversify their personal offerings.

Our CEO, Charlie Watson, had this to share on Lazarus’ pivot to include creators and influencers from the FBG platform: “Facebook Gaming provides a unique opportunity with our brand.  We don’t want to entrench ourselves so deeply with Twitch that we can never look at other opportunities now or in the future. It’s exciting to see that their team is listening to its current community but especially learning from the mistakes that Twitch is making overall and how vocal their micro to mid-range creators are about many aspects of the platform.  It comes across as though Twitch is either too big to listen or that they just do not care about smaller communities. Even though Facebook is a giant and has revolutionized how we interact and socialize, they are small in the streaming world which provides them with a great opportunity to maneuver without being seen, acting quickly, rolling out changes or edits and championing new ideas.”

We are excited about the opportunity Facebook Gaming provides our brand and how it will enhance our existing community.  We can’t wait to fully integrate our partners and sponsors onto a platform that has been unbelievable to the advertisement of traditional businesses typically in the past. As the platform continues to evolve, we charter a new heading into this next decade collaboratively with our partners and talent.  We will further build out our Lazarus strategy that’s inclusive of Facebook Gaming in our offering. FBG will enable us to develop and provide a comprehensive network of influencers that will allow us to utilize the onslaught of Facebook properties we have at our disposal and have come to love over the years.

Feel free to check out our newest creators to #BleedPink and join the Lazarus brand: