Regs Wins First at Gaming World Championship 2022

This past weekend, Lazarus professional NHL ‘22 player Justin “Regs” Reguly – also known as Regs84 – took to the stage live in Montreal to win the NHL Gaming World Championships this weekend.

Out of 18,000 registered players, 8 NHL ‘22 players from North America qualified to compete head-to-head in Montreal for the NHL Gaming World Champion title. Regs, coming off a previous second place finish in the Gaming World Championship 2021, fought his way through 2022 to the final stage where he had to face off against Gren, who held the 2021 GWC title, in a best of three.

Regs was down by 3 goals early in game one, by the first intermission, but made a miraculous comeback to tie up the game at the end of the third period, with only seven seconds of game time remaining – forcing the game into overtime. Gren fired back immediately in overtime to secure the first game.

The strong momentum Regs built up at the end of game one continued into game 2 and 3. Regs took an early lead in game two which led to a 4-1 victory over Gren, and took the title in game three with an even more dominant 6-2 victory. 

After a hard fought year against amazing competition, Regs took home the NHL ‘22 GWC belt and $26,000. We asked Regs how he was feeling after the game and he said, “I couldn’t feel any better.”

Regs will continue to be a strong presence in the NHL ‘22 scene and we look forward to seeing his continued growth in the upcoming NHL ‘23 season here at Lazarus.